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Naperville Business Lawyer Offers Considerations for Prospective Franchisors

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Naperville Business Lawyer Offers Considerations for Prospective Franchisors

Some of the most recognizable brands in the world are run on a franchise model. Of course, several food chains probably come to mind quickly, such as Subway, McDonald’s and KFC, but serious players in other industries are also franchises, including 7-Eleven convenience stores, RE/MAX real estate companies, and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. As a business owner, you may have visions of seeing your brand in cities around the country and throughout the world. While there are no guarantees in commerce and finances, a qualified business law attorney can help you take the first steps toward those goals by laying the groundwork to become a successful franchise.

Study Your Business and Industry

To become a profitable franchise, your business must meet a consumer need in a refreshing and creative fashion. Launching a Burger King clone, for example, may have limited success in certain areas, but unless you bring a novel approach or a twist on the existing model, you risk fading into obscurity. Find a niche that is currently unaddressed by national brands, and do your homework.

Market research is a vital part of any business plan, but the anticipated scope of a franchise makes due diligence all the more important. You need to look beyond your own neighborhood; if you just wanted a second location on the other side of town, you could probably run it yourself and not worry about franchising. Becoming a franchise is more ambitious than that, and your market research must reflect your objectives.

Develop a Repeatable Business Model

franchise franchisor naperville businessDoes your company’s success depend on your presence and business acumen? When—or if—you take a vacation, do you come back to a backlog of unresolved problems? Remember that a franchise, by its nature, removes you from the day-to-day activities of franchised locations. Therefore, your approach to production, sales, service, or whatever it is your business offers must be able to be systematized and repeated at every new location. At the same time, a degree of flexibility is also important, as every location will have unique concerns and considerations, based upon the region and demographics.

Choose Franchisees Carefully

In order to attract potential franchisees, you will need to build your franchise in a manner that allows each location owner to make a significant profit. This means, however, that you will need to select your partners with care. They will be representing your brand and your professional image. Allowing them to be profitable will help keep them driven to work hard to increase efficiency and productivity. The best ones will have constructive ideas and offer methods for improvement that you may want to consider implementing across the company.

There are, of course, many other concerns that you will need to address as a potential franchisor, including the legal complexities of a solid franchise agreement. If you are considering converting your business into a franchise, you need the guidance of an experienced Naperville business law attorney. At the Gierach Law Firm, we are committed to helping your company thrive and will work hard to give you every opportunity to succeed. Call us today at 630-756-1160 to schedule a consultation.




Award-winning website design and search engine optimization company Design & Promote has announced their opening of their 2’nd office in downtown Chicago at 333 S Wabash Ave #2702, Chicago, IL 60604 in the legendary red colored  CNA building. The sleek, contemporary space overlooks Grant Park from the 27th floor with views of striking skyline landmarks-Lake Michigan, Buckingham Fountain, and The Art Institute of Chicagoland, to name a few spots.New Chicago Web Design Office

“Now we’re right in the heart of Downtown Chicago,” said Bruce Jones, CEO of Design & Promote. “We’ve always been known as a Chicago SEO and Web Design company and now we have the perfect spot to showcase our talents!” Design & Promote provides internet marketing services including website design, search engine optimization and social media marketing to help clients create a successful online presence. The new Chicago office is easily accessible to clients off I-290, just one block from Congress Parkway and a 15-minute walk from Union Station for suburban commuters. Access to the train and parking is directly across the street. Our office is steps away from the variety of dining and entertainment options that Chicago has to offer, perfect for a destination meeting with clients. The CNA building is easy to spot. It’s the only red building in the skyline, which coincidentally matches the Design & Promote corporate colors. It is also noted for selectively lighting windows on the side of their building to spell out fun messages such as “Go Cubs”.

“Our downtown Chicagoland clients will appreciate the convenient meeting place,” said Jones.

The new Design & Promote space is part of the Signature Office Centers complex that spans the 27th floor of the building. The office center is attractively appointed with modern, upscale décor including fine leather furniture and distinctive hardwoods in the inviting lounge and waiting areas. The floor plan takes full advantage of the beautiful lake views for all working in and visiting the office. Amenities include Wi-Fi throughout the space, 100 Mbps fiber optic connections and conference rooms, collaborative offices and a training room with wireless technology for seamless client presentations.

Design & Promote Chicago is now open at 333 S. Wabash St., Suite 2702, Chicago, IL 60604; phone 312-995-7109.

About Design & Promote: Design & Promote is an inbound marketing company providing web design, SEO and social media services based out of Naperville, IL with second office in downtown Chicago. They employ web designers, SEO experts, and marketing consultants to help clients create an effective internet presence to convert customers and rank high with Google and other search engines.

Design & Promote doesn’t just create websites; they create online lead generation portals complemented by SEO and social media campaigns to capture the customer’s target market.

For more information, visit Design & Promote at or call 312-995-7109.

Partnering with a Chicago Internet marketing firm can play a critical role in successfully creating online business buzz and boosting visitor traffic to your corporate website. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with creating the right online promotional mix to achieve their specific goals and objectives. What are the two main strategies that often pose the biggest challenge to business owners in virtually every industry? Search and social advertising methods. Some executives don’t initially see the value that each of these proven tactics delivers to a balanced online campaign. Others assume that they must choose one approach at the expense of excluding the

If you’re currently in the process of partnering with a Chicago Internet marketing firm, it’s important to understand the benefits delivered by both search and social strategies. Knowing what each tactic can offer your organization can reinforce the need to work with a firm that specializes in both for a well-balanced final solution.

Benefits of Including Search (SEO) Strategies in Your Campaign

What can search strategies offer your online promotional initiatives? First and foremost, using SEO tactics means tapping into the most popular way prospective consumers look for businesses. Today’s consumers simply pull up their preferred browser, type in specific keywords and use the resulting list as a guideline of businesses that offer what they are looking for.

Additionally, SEO methods allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to specifically see how their targeted demographic is searching. There is a slew of online keyword resources that can help businesses in every vertical select the right keyword phrases for all of their SEO efforts. From there, they can customize their campaigns to yield the best results.

Finally, SEO strategies offer two very distinctive categories: organic and paid. Companies struggling to dominate browser results using unpaid methods can include various paid methods to improve overall return on investment.

Benefits of Including Social Strategies in Your Campaign

Not to be outdone by its SEO counterpart, social strategies deliver their own distinctive range of user benefits. Social media outlets offer businesses “warm referrals and recommendations” every time someone in your network “likes” your organization. In short, social media resources expose your brand to potential customers and ripen them to become buyers.

Unlike SEO tactics, social media pages offers your business real-time insight to what your customers are saying about you. Your pages allow consumers to post directly to your organization. Most importantly, having prompt access to any negative commentary allows your business the invaluable opportunity to address issues and concerns quickly.

Also, just like SEO tactics, social media resources also offer companies the chance to include paid advertising as part of their online approach. Using a combination of free and paid strategies can help effectively broaden the reach of your business brand within your specific targeted demographic.

With so many unique advantages, it’s easy to see why a qualified Chicago Internet marketing firm knows that it’s not about “or,” but rather, “and” when it comes to SEO/social promotional tactics. Including a customized mix of both is the best way to broaden the reach of your organization, build brand awareness, and ultimately, strengthen consumer loyalty.

About The Author

As a leading Chicago internet marketing firm, Design & Promote designs customized online marketing strategies using proven promotional tactics. If you’re looking to boost your browser visibility and drive consumer traffic to your website, Design & Promote can help.



Five Ways Your Divorce Attorney Can Help Structure Your Child Support

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If your marriage ends in divorce, you may find yourself interacting with your former spouse for years if you have children. Many states have old laws regarding child support that are not updated to the circumstances that many parents find themselves in today. The best way to ensure that you will be treated fairly as you provide for your children is to partner with a divorce attorney who will work to make sure that the proper protections are in place for all parties in the divorce.

To protect yourself from outmoded state laws, your attorney will often research case law to discover how judges in the past have determined certain support issues. He will then use what he finds to craft a potential solution that fits your circumstances. Even if you are on friendly terms with your spouse and you think you can agree on certain childcare and child support issues that are not written down on paper, you are better off having a legally binding document to protect you.


Areas Of Concern That Require A Legal Agreement

Child support considers all the income that the non-custodial parent has available and is based on a formula that determines how much should be paid. Expenses that are relevant in many modern families, such as daycare or before and after school care, music lessons, sports fees, tutors and other extracurricular activities, are over and above child support. The non-custodial parent may have to contribute to these, but your divorce attorney can help you develop a plan that considers what percentage each parent should pay.

Methods that are in use for determining payments do not consider that the custodial parent can often qualify for tax credits for childcare. A savvy attorney will bring this information before the court to adjust childcare payments or argue that the non-custodial should pay less for extras like daycare if the custodial parent receives help to cover some expenses.

Even though joint custody is a popular legally-sanctioned agreement that establishes where a minor lives, in some situations, children spend long periods of time with the non-custodial parent. Unless this is properly noted with the court, the parent without custody could find himself paying child support in addition to the child’s expenses while he or she is with him.


Special Circumstances That Affect Payment

In this economy, when parents are unemployed or imprisoned, their child support responsibilities do not end even though they are unable to fulfill their legal obligations. The only way to lessen the obligation temporarily is to appeal to the court. Having your divorce attorney argue for your change in circumstances can prevent you from building up debt that you cannot repay.

According to many state laws, the obligation of the noncustodial parent to pay child support ends at age 18 or when the young person graduates from high school (by age 19). Since college or vocational training is more important than ever, smart parents consider this question at the time of divorce and have an agreement in place to protect both themselves and their children.


Your Divorce Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Your concern for your child’s well-being does not end at divorce, but relationships between divorcing parties can become adversarial to the detriment of the family. Some people, men and women alike, complain that they were “taken to the cleaners in a divorce,” which makes them less willing to do more than what was negotiated in the settlement. It is best for both parties and for the children if all issues of child support are openly confronted and written into an agreement prepared by a reputable divorce attorney.


About The Author:

Representing clients in Illinois and Florida, the Greenberg Law Firm of Naperville, IL handles civil and criminal matters, including family law, personal injury, real estate, business law, criminal and traffic cases, and more. With over 120 years of collective experience, the firm’s attorneys have a track record of success in winning successful settlements and court victories for their clients. The firm offers a free consultation to help clients determine whether they want to pursue matters further.

Getting appointed the party planner for any major event brings with it a unique set of pros and cons. On the plus side, you get to be the person in charge of everything that happens during the event day. You’ll get to pick all of the activities and outline the flow of the day to ensure everyone has a great time. However, the fun side of planning parties often brings with it significant responsibility. With so many details to consider, there is often a significant chance that you’ll overlook a critical factor throughout the coordination process. What’s a key detail that many party planners don’t consider when managing the logistics of their function? Party bus rentals.


Party Bus Rentals Deliver Unparalleled Convenience For All Of Your Guests


Any event coordinator who has had the foresight to book group bus rentals understands the litany of distinctive benefits this type of transportation offers. Using Chicago bus rentals means that your guests will enjoy optimal convenience, no matter where the day (or night) takes you. You choose the designated pickup location, or outline a list of individual addresses for pickup and the vehicle arrives ready to chariot your guests to any venue or activity.


Beyond convenience, renting professional transportation can also help you stick to the function itinerary that you may have set. Oftentimes, herding large groups of guests can prove difficult when everyone is using individual transportation. However, renting transportation means that there will be set pickup/drop-off times based on your function schedule. Getting everyone where they need to be can officially be crossed off of your crowded to do list.


Worried about unexpected traffic interfering with your event? Don’t be; party bus rentals offer customers access to a skilled and trained professional driver who will do the pre-function research needed to ensure there are no other big events that may hinder the commute to your big event. Most importantly, should something unforeseen happen (accident, pileup, etc.) your driver will know alternative routes to help minimize overall delay time.


Best of all, professional bus rentals can also deliver the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to safety, especially during an adult function. Using a vendor to manage your transportation needs means you’ll never have to worry about having a responsible designated driver. Your guests can enjoy themselves throughout the gathering and be dropped off safely afterwards.


Anytime Is A Great Time For Party Bus Rentals


While many planners think about renting transportation for some major milestone events (think weddings, church functions, etc.), it’s important to remember that pretty much any time is a great time for renting transportation. Some functions that you’ll wish you had considered renting transportation for include:


Surprise anniversaries/birthdays: Who says the surprise has to start at the venue? Gather up your group beforehand and pick your guest(s) of honor up with everyone on board for a surprise they will never forget.


Family reunions: Is everyone in your family flying into town for a reunion? Renting transportation can ensure all your relatives travel easily through a city they are not familiar with.


Corporate gatherings: Don’t waste time and money trying to secure individual rental cars for everyone traveling for a corporate function. A bus rental can get everyone where they need to be, and set a fun vibe for even the most formal business meeting.


About The Author


Spare Wheels Transportation offers superior Chicago bus rentals that set the tone for any group event or function. From office gatherings, to your next family reunion, Spare Wheels Transportation can get your next event off to a great start.

Raising Business-To-Business Cold Calling To A New Level

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As most sales professionals know, a potential customer might rather say they are “not interested” in buying or that they are “just looking” than engage in a conversation about a product. Sometimes this reflects their true interest and sometimes not. A great business-to-business cold calling company can get behind the customer’s initial response to discover those who do have a need for a product or service.


Warming Up Business-To-Business Cold Calling

 Stereotypically, a cold call company makes endless outgoing calls to lists of people in the hopes of obtaining appointments. Supposedly, the process is a numbers game where by calling large numbers of people, the “law of averages” takes over and some people agree to an appointment. Unfortunately, as it is often executed, a cold calling campaign can contact thousands of names that are an unlikely fit with the client company.


A successful cold call company deals with “warmer” prospects that come from databases of names that are closely matched to the firm’s ideal customer, based on geography, corporate size, or similarity to existing customers. The call is considered a “cold call” since the person does not know who they are speaking to at first, even though the prospect is likely to be interested based on his demographics. A caller verifies that the person reached is a decision-maker who has a need for the type of product the company offers. Once that is established, the phone call becomes more conversational, as the caller finds out more about what the company does and the time frame for purchasing certain types of items.


Developing An Ongoing Conversation

For example, a caller representing a company that sells commercial stoves for restaurants would want to talk with either owners of local restaurants or a responsible person who buys stoves for chain restaurants. He would be wasting time talking to retail store owners who sell children’s clothes. Once the caller verifies basic information, the discussion might turn toward when the person might be interested in upgrading equipment for more energy efficient options. If a company the caller represented also sold other types of kitchen equipment, he would find out if the prospect had any other needs that were more immediate than the stove.


Taking the time to have an in-depth conversation is more time-consuming and may result in fewer appointments being set during a shift. However, the bookings are of higher quality so that a sales representative could go in and start intense discussions that could lead to a sale. The caller will make fewer calls, but provide a much more valuable service by separating those who have an upcoming need from those that are truly “not interested.”


Finding A Partner For Business-To-Business Cold Calling

In looking for a cold call company, make sure that the firm carefully selects targeted prospects and uses trained callers who can build relationships with prospects. Many people the callers reach will not be interested in setting an appointment immediately, but may have a need that can lead to a future appointment and sale. Look for firms with good employee retention rates to promote successful relationship-building opportunities.


About The Company

Dynamic Sales Innovations manages cold calling and appointment setting for businesses of all types. Very experienced in prospecting, the company specializes in creating campaigns that nurture relationships with potential customers. Using trained representatives who work from a brick-and-mortar office, DSI offers you an extension of your sales team.

Professional Party Bus Rental: Helping You Get Ready For The Next Big Game

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Everyone knows that the fun of watching any organized sport isn’t just about the game itself. While what happens on the field (or court) is a major part of the day’s events, there are other festivities to consider when gathering up the crew for a sporting event. Pre-game tailgating and even celebrating after the final buzzer all play a role in shaping the day’s memories and fun.


A Party Bus Rental Proves The Perfect Solutions For Sports Fans


If you are planning the next sporting event outing with your circle of sports enthusiasts, you already know that coordinating the travel details can prove a major struggle. However, it doesn’t have to be. Choosing a Chicago party bus rental instead of relying on personal transportation can make a major difference in the flow of the entire event.


Benefits Of Choosing A Party Bus Rental For Game Day


Why should you opt for a party bus rental for the next big game? First and foremost, a rented vehicle offers unparalleled convenience to your entire group of passengers. Scheduling personal transportation can mean having to designate several drivers to get everyone to the arena. However, renting a vehicle from a professional provider means that all the coordinating will be done on your behalf with one driver in charge of your entire group. You get to choose one appointed pickup spot, or even arrange for every passenger to be picked up at their homes, and your hired transportation provider will arrive at the designated time to get everyone to the game on time.


Additionally, a party bus rental means that you don’t have to arrive at the event to start the fun; instead, everyone can begin the function festivities as soon as they board the vehicle. Having the entire crew together for the ride down and back grants a unique opportunity for socializing and fun before and after the event.


While being together may be all the excitement that you’ll need, a party bus rental can provide a wide range of accommodations and amenities to turn the fun factor up a notch. A first rate provider will offer luxury vehicles teeming with various features to make comfort and convenience a first priority. Food, beverages, music, and even on-vehicle restrooms can help set the tone for your function during the commute into town. Additionally, you and your guests will enjoy plush seating to ensure a luxurious ride, no matter how long it takes to get to where you favorite team plays.


Finally, choosing a party bus rental for the next big game means that you and your crew never need to worry about finding a responsible designated driver for your function. You’ll receive a licensed, skilled and experienced driver from your vendor who will manage all transportation details for you. You and your crew can enjoy a few adult beverages, stay up as late celebrating as the occasion calls for, and know that everyone will be safely delivered to their doorsteps once the festivities have ended.


About The Author


Spare Wheels Transportation offers luxurious party bus rentals in Chicago to make every group outing convenient, comfortable and, most importantly, fun! Don’t stress over your group transportation needs – Spare Wheels Transportation has you covered!

At Spare Wheels, we offer an extensive selection of state-of-the-art charter bus rentals in Chicago that prove an ideal transportation solution for a slew of events and activities. One of the most popular uses for our charter bus rentals in Chicago are school functions. From proms to offsite student conventions and a wide range of everything in between, Spare Wheels has earned its reputation for providing charter bus rentals in Chicago that make planning and executing school events a seamless and stress-free experience.


What You Can Expect When Working With Spare Wheels For Your Student Function

At Spare Wheels, we understand that when it comes to finding a provider of charter bus rentals in Chicago to work with, you have choices. That’s why we offer a distinctive range of service and amenity differentiators in our portfolio. Working with us to meet your needs for charter bus rentals in Chicago means that you’ll enjoy:

Thoroughly screened, professional drivers: At Spare Wheels, we make the safety of our passengers a top priority. Our commitment to our clients’ safeguarding starts with our drivers. We use licensed and thoroughly screened driving professionals on all our assignments. Teaming with us means that you’re entrusting your group to a team of licensed, skilled, and professional driving experts who have the experience needed to manage any occurrence to get your students to their destination safely.

State-of-the-art vehicles: Spare Wheels also offers state-of-the-art vehicles that deliver the very latest safety innovations. Best of all, we provide a fleet of various sized charter bus rentals in Chicago. You’ll be able to easily pinpoint the best size that suits the specific space needs of your group, so you can stay on budget and never pay for vehicle space that you won’t use.

Seamless pickups/drop-offs: Anyone who has ever planned a function for school-aged children knows firsthand that pickups and drop-offs can prove challenging. Not so when working with us; we offer convenient meeting places for pickups and drop-offs and can even coordinate individual stops so everyone in your group gets where they need to be, easily and on time.

Vehicle services and amenities: At Spare Wheels, we understand that every group has its own distinctive needs and requirements for the trip; that’s why our vehicles tout an impressive selection of various services and amenities. Food and beverage options, luggage trailers, and even on-vehicle restrooms are just some of the ways we can help make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Fun from minute one: Most importantly, choosing Spare Wheels to provide your charter bus rentals in Chicago means that you’ll have your entire group together for the whole trip. Driving to the function together can help set the tone for the festivities to follow. Using the drive time to talk, sing, cheer and laugh is the perfect way to ensure everyone in your group has fun from minute one of your trip.


For more information about our vehicles available to rent in Chicago, visit our Spare Wheels website today.

5 Reasons Why Basement Finishing Makes An Ideal Home Improvement Project

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Looking to increase your usable living space without undergoing a home addition or major renovation project? A basement finishing project may prove an ideal solution. No matter what the size and layout of your home, most residential basements offer at least a partial area that can be renovated and converted from rarely used space into rooms that your family will love spending time in.


Use Your Basement Finishing Project To Suit Your Family’s Specific Needs

Like any renovation or home enhancement, every basement finishing project will be different based on a family’s individual needs and preferences. Gone are the days when a finished lower level just means a playroom for the kids. Some homeowners will finish the space to bring everyone in the home together…while others will embark on a basement finishing design to create an area suited for adults only. Knowing some of the many options you have when beginning a basement finishing project can help you create a final area that will enhance your own personal lifestyle.


A basement finishing renovation can serve a variety of purposes, such as:


Adults-only entertainment area: Today’s basement finishing features will find you willingly giving the kids the upstairs floors and wanting to claim the cellar as your own. Use a sophisticated color palette, include a bar, poker tables, countertops, cabinets and a refrigerator for entertaining guests as well as surround sound systems for both movies and music, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an adults only-evening.


Multimedia movie theater: Prefer to create a space that feels welcoming to all ages? Not a problem. Many parents love using their lower-level design as a multimedia entertainment/movie room. Create a themed look by purchasing cinema-styled chairs and a wide retractable movie screen installed on a back wall to give guests all the motivation they’ll need to enjoy a night in at the movies.


Family room: Looking for something a little more practical then a movie theater? Go with a family room renovation. Cover hard and cold basement floors with tiles or even floating floor options to instantly warm up the space for family hangout time. Additionally, enclosing structural elements such as pillars in drywall boxes can quickly change the entire feel of the room and make it inviting for everyone in your family.


Home office: Need a cozy space for one that’s suited for getting work done and checking items off your business checklist? Use a lower-level remodel for as an office area. Desks, computers, printers and file cabinets can all be included throughout the area to give you an ideal way to successfully get away from the bustle of the main floor and provide a professionally accommodated reprieve.


Apartment/annex: Have adult children or even elderly parents that are looking for a semi-independent living space? Convert your lower floor into a furnished apartment or annex. Include a cooking area, washroom, and sleeping and living spaces to give your houseguest (or even paying tenant) everything that they’ll need for a comfortable, convenient stay.


About The Author:

Synergy Builders offers innovative and stylish basement finishing services to help clients maximize all of their available living spaces. Whether you’re looking for a kids’ playroom or a state-of-the-art entertainment area, Synergy Builders’ team of Naperville home remodelers can help make your space vision a reality.

Selfie Camera Stick: Buy Selfie Stick

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New to naperville is everyone’s favorite trending gadget- the selfie stick! Buy selfie stick from Selfie Camera Stick today and support a Naperville business.

Soon, all of Naperville will be boasting the selfie monopod. Selfie Camera Stick is a website where you can buy selfie stick products, owned and operated by Naperville locals. The camera monopod company offers wide variety of monopods for cameras, including selfie stick with bluetooth, selfie stick for IPhone, selfie stick for Samsung, and even just the basic yet versatile selfie monopod. It all comes down to a simple concept- a selfie rod that is what the name states: an extendable rod that you hold in one hand and configure your smartphone or camera to the other.

The idea for the Selfie Camera stick website, where you can buy selfie stick products of all sorts, came from all of the popularity that the selfie stick boasts in Asia. Now, selfie stick Chicago is the next big trend and Naperville is catching on quick. Be one of the first to get in on the selfie stick Chicago trend and buy selfie stick items from and